Ruth Doumit Designs

Original designs


I work with clients to create artwork that is designed especially for them.  I usually go to their home and see what their life style is like. What colors are used, what kind of artwork they live with, what their loves are.

top left: This window was for a woman who wanted brilliant colors, "no sissy colors" as she put it. It is in a stairway landing in a 100 year old home in Seattle.

top right: This is a one of a kind lamp, cut freehand and assembled piece by piece. There was no pattern. It will be shown later in this website showing how it was built. 

middle left: This 42" square stained glass window was made to be placed over client's tub.  The butterflies symbolize their daughter who passed away at a young age.

middle right:  The stained glass is part of a three piece set that surrounds their front door. It is over the front doorway and two sidelight.

lower left: This is a commissioned stained glass piece that I designed and made for clients who wanted a large window in their breakfast room. They are wildlife photographers and art collectors, and had specific ideas for their artwork.  Mt. St. Helens in the background, Silver lake, and  a heron.  They also gave me a photograph of a turtle, which I put into the forground.

lower right: This is a beveled stained glass heron window.  The butterflies represent their children and grandmother.  This door was the original solid front door to a 50's home. 

The door had an opening cut to accept the glass work, adding double safety glass, trim and then the stained glass to the inside, transforming it into a beautiful entrance.