Ruth Doumit Designs


Original designs

Mosaic has become one of my favorite types of artwork to produce. I make wall hangings and table tops with the use of tile, glass and found objects.. I love to use recycled table for the base.

Top left:  This is a recycled table top. I used ceramic hand made leaves and water for the background. The fish were outlined with copper wire, the background of the fish were painted with acrylic paint and then broken safety glass was used for the fish scales. A great look!

for sale 24" x 24" low table.

Top right:  This is a table made from a recycled table top. All of this table is handmade tile pieces. for sale 24" x 24" low table.

Upper middle left: This is a wall hanging made for a WSU Breast Cancer auction.  It is hand made leaves and guardian angels.  The background is stained glass pieces. NFS

Upper middle right: This is a recycled coffee table. I painted 4x4 inch tiles and broken them up.  The black and white tile was commercial tile. This is now living in Edmunds WA.

Lower middle left: This is a 50"x24" table, on recyled brass base.  It depicts gillnet fishing and salmon, with the Oregon hills in the background of the Columbia River. I paint all tile and broke up for the work. table is for sale

Lower middle right: This is a commissioned piece for a clients front entryway. They brought me the chinese symbols and asked me to design a piece of art for them. It is 48" x 12" done entirely in glass mosaic. I love this one!! sold

Lower left:  This is a ceramic and glass table top.

Made for a client who wanted birds, flowers and sun. sold

Lower right:  This is a 42" table. I rolled out clay and cut individual feathers for this heron. The background is 4x4inch tiles that I painted and broke up. sold